Medical Errors are 3rd Leading Cause of Death In the US

Some say that US healthcare is the best in the world, often using this rallying cry as a means to prevent changes to the…

The New Malpractice: Docs Committing Medicare Fraud

A New Jersey doctor has been indicted for a Medicare fraud scheme that allegedly conned the government into paying him…

Plaintiffs Triumph in J&J Morcellator Lawsuits

Medical device and pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has settled nearly 70 of the roughly 100 claims…

Medical Malpractice Insurance: Does Your Doc Have It?

Does your doctor have medical malpractice insurance? We trust our doctors with our lives. Yes, doctors sometimes make…

Record-High Whistleblower Award Issued by CFTC

A whistleblower who was protected by the government’s Whistleblower Program just received a cool $10 million. Now…

Xarelto Regulatory Trial Comes Under Fire

The regulatory trial for Xarelto, a popular blood-thinning medication, used a faulty measuring device, according to an…

Client Testimonials

“Where do I begin, I found Balkin Law Group by accident when my fiance got into an accident back in July of 2019, Eric and his paralegal Janelle worked on our case diligently and closed the case quicker than we expected! In October my fiance was involved in ANOTHER accident but this time it was a more serious motorcycle accident and he was in the hospital for about three months. I only knew then I had to call Balkin Law Group right away. They were the best, not only did they come and visit us in the hospital to make sure we both were doing ok, but they came to get everything started! long story short, The case closed today! We got everything we hoped for and more. Balkin Law Group are the best to work with and I would recommend their office to EVERYONE that needs an accident attorney!”

Ashley Guerrero

“The team at Balkin Law Group are excellent at what they do. With a tremendous work ethic, Balkin Law Group represents clients with both zeal and professionalism. He is a victim's advocate who commits to make sure that the case is pushed through to its rightful conclusion.”

Daniel Wolf

“My girlfriend was involved in an accident. Immediately, I called Balkin Law Group and he stayed on the line with me from start to finish to make sure that I received the proper legal assistance.Eric went above and beyond to help me and I cannot be anymore grateful for his professionalism and attentiveness. He will be the first person I call if the unfortunate circumstance ever arises again.Thanks Eric!”

Jory Cass

“I'm very happy that I went with Balkin Law Group. Him and his associates were extremely professional and very pleased with the results. I received three times more than what I originally expected! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Eric Brito

“Chuck Balkin represented my father 22 years ago when he was working in construction and a scaffolding failure led to some pretty substantial injuries. On that referral, I called Balkin to speak to him after I was in a motorcycle accident. I was promptly put through and he asked me how my Dad was doing. He remembered everything about my Dad and his case as if they were old friends. I promptly signed-up with him. From there, everything was so easy, and my case was settled quickly. I would recommend him to everyone.”

Matt Samuel

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