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Have you been discriminated against or injured at work?
You need a Lawyer specializing in work related injury claims.

When you have been injured or discriminated against at work, it can be a very intimidating situation to be in. However, with the right workers compensation lawyer on your side, you can have confidence in your occupational and financial future. Don’t let dangerous conditions or an abusive work environment destroy your quality of life. You have options. If you have been injured or discriminated against at work, call a discrimination and workers compensation lawyer from Balkin Law Group to represent you.

Work Related Injury Claims

As an employee of a company, you are entitled to a safe work environment. Many employees are not aware that they can be compensated for some work-related accidents or injuries even when the injury is caused are their own fault. If your employer is not maintaining a safe work place due to negligence in upkeep, having proper safety equipment available for employees, or using hazardous materials you may receive compensation for your injuries.

Work Place Discrimination Claims

Workplace discrimination can happen to anyone. It is illegal unfair treatment to individuals based on:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Ethnic Group
  • Language
  • Marital and Family Status
  • Religion
  • Pregnancy
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation

Some examples of common types of work place discrimination are:

  • Verbal, Physical or Sexual Harassment
  • Demotion or failure to promote an employee for reasons that are unrelated to job performance
  • Loss of employment benefits
  • Work suspension or termination
  • A hostile or uncomfortable work environment
  • Failure to hire or accommodate for a qualified employee with a disability

Discrimination is never acceptable. If you are working in a hostile work environment you don’t have to suffer in silence. You can seek legal representation to change things for the better. However, discrimination laws vary between states. It is extremely important to hire a discrimination and workers compensation lawyer with experience in your state. Balkin Law Group is a national firm with competent and experienced attorneys all over the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Call for a free case evaluation.

Other Work Related Claims

There are many other work related claims than discrimination and workers compensation claims. Balkin Law Group can help you with any of the following case types:

  • Wrongful termination litigation
  • Wage or overtime related claims
  • Breaches of written, oral, and implied contracts
  • Pregnancy leave
  • Breaches of contract

If you are being unfairly treated or working in dangerous work conditions, you are probably not the only one suffering from it. Speaking up can help change the work environment for other employees both now and in the future. Do you have questions or concerns? Call a discrimination or workers compensation lawyer from Balkin Law Group for a free case evaluation.