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Property owners are legally responsible for the condition of their property and are therefore liable for any accidents on their property that unmaintained hazards may cause. If you are a guest on someone else’s property and you are hurt in an accident caused by a hazard, you may be able to seek compensation through either a claim against their property insurance or a lawsuit directly against them. Regardless, the important thing to know is that you do not need to suffer the financial consequences of someone else’s negligent maintenance of their property, and you do not need to settle for the amount the insurance company first offers. Working with a personal injury lawyer is the best way to work towards a settlement that you rightfully deserve.

A slip and fall accident is much like it sounds: someone slips (or trips) and falls due to a dangerous hazard like a wet or icy floor, faulty stairway, broken handrail, uneven flooring, or a number of other possible causes. The specific type of hazard is less important in your legal process than determining whether or not the property owner is liable for your accident and then determining the money they actually owe you. When you are representing yourself, the insurance company will try to downplay the severity (and therefore the money you deserve) of your pain and suffering and other abstract damages and will attempt to pin fault on you as often as they can.

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We offer a free consultation to victims of slip and fall accidents, as well as a range of other personal injury types. Trying to make sense of your situation after an accident, especially while you are trying to focus on your injuries, can be overwhelming, which is why we encourage victims to reach out to us first. During our consultation, we can discuss the specifics of your accident, such as the hazard that you slipped and fell on, the nature of your visit to the property in question, as well as the steps you may have already taken. We will also be able to explain the nature of our work in general and the help we can provide you with specifically. This consultation is a great way to understand the benefits of partnering with an experienced Washington DC slip and fall lawyer whether you are going through an insurance claim or filing a lawsuit.

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What To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Many people worry that they are “making a big deal” out of a fall, and try to brush off their injuries while on the premises. Under no circumstances should you do this if you were to slip and fall, because the evidence and documentation that will support your insurance claim start from the moment you are hurt. Follow these steps below to make sure that you get the care you need and are helping your legal case at the same time.

Call 911

Do this first before you alert the owner or property manager, so they are not able to convince you otherwise. Your injuries require medical attention, and alerting 911 will make sure that an EMT is able to address your injuries while a police officer creates an accident report and the firefighters at the scene can secure any ongoing hazards. This step is important to be sure that there is an unbiased and professional third party who is able to observe the situation and make a comprehensive and legal report.

Alert the Property Owner or Manager

You will also need to alert the owner or manager of your accident. This way, they will be able to create their own accident report and follow their internal protocols for these types of situations. If they try to talk you out of calling 911, or if they offer you a cash settlement in exchange for signing a waiver, DO NOT ACCEPT. Under no circumstances should you sign anything at the scene of any accident, as you may accidentally waive your rights to any future legal action without an additional complication thrown into the process.

Take Pictures and Videos of the Scene

Document the hazard as well as possible. Taking a video on your phone with a commentary that talks about every step leading to your slip and fall can be extremely helpful, especially because your memory of the incident will certainly fade as your case moves forward. Take still pictures as well, and take voice notes that may jog your memory as you go through interviews and requests for additional information. This will be extremely helpful for your attorney to get a clear sense of the situation in a short time.

Get Medical Attention

Your medical needs should be your absolute top priority, so if your injuries keep you from being able to safely document the scene of your slip and fall, do not push too hard or cause complications. You can be confident in the accident report the attending police officer will compile. Many people deny medical exams from EMTs for fear of enormous medical bills, but every interaction that you have with a medical professional adds to the documentation you have to support your claim. If you do not take an ambulance to a hospital, schedule a follow-up with your doctor as soon as possible to get ongoing care AND to continue to document each injury.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Many people believe that the next step would be to file an insurance claim with the responsible party’s policy, but the reality is that if you hire an attorney before this step, you will have comprehensive legal representation every step of the way. From the moment you contact the insurance company, their primary goal is to settle your claim as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible, and your attorney will be able to push back on this from day one. Throughout the insurance claims process, the insurance adjuster will be looking for missteps or simple errors that they can leverage in order to pin additional fault on you to lower their financial obligations, but your attorney understands these tactics. 

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