If you have been injured as the result of a defective product, you may have a legitimate product liability claim. In order to receive the compensation that you deserve, it is crucial to have a product liability lawyer protecting your interests. Balkin has a product liability lawyer ready to help you understand your rights, prove the manufacturer was acting negligent, and get you compensation for your losses. By letting one of our experienced product liability lawyers fight for you, you will not only protect yourself but also help to ensure manufacturers are not producing substandard products that will injure others in the future.

Product liability claims typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Manufacturer Defect
    • Manufacturer defects arise when there is some sort of error in making the product.
  • Defective Design
    • Unlike manufacturer defects, these products can be made perfect with no flaws. Instead, it is the intended designs of these products that are inherently dangerous.
  • Failure to Provide Sufficient Warnings or Instructions
    • These claims are used when a product lacks adequate warnings or instructions about proper use or potentially dangerous ingredients.

Using denture cream as an example, a manufacturer defect would be present if some hazardous material accidentally fell into the cream during the manufacturing process. In contrast, a design defect would be if something explicitly listed as an active ingredient in the cream caused someone to become injured. On the other hand, if an ingredient used in the cream was harmful and the company failed to provide a sufficient warning of possible side effects, we would have the third category listed above.

Defective products injure thousands of Americans every year. Ranging from car parts, to construction material, to medical treatments, basically any product has potential to be defective. It is the responsibility of manufacturers to ensure their products are safe and meet all legal specifications. Unfortunately, it is very common for manufacturers to cut corners and keep information from you. Defective products can be extremely harmful, and it is essential to have an experienced product liability lawyer on your side.

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